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About Me

Dear Reader,

Everyone writes. Some write for themselves, some write for others. But the act in itself allows you the time and space to take a step back and see the ghost of your opinions hovering over uncharted territories.

But the bigger question is—why should you read me?

Fair enough.

If you’re my friend, you’ll do it out of camaraderie, if you’re my parents, you’ll do it out of love, and if you’re a random stranger with no ulterior motive, maybe you won’t read me at all.

Every year, since the inception of this site and long long before that, I remind myself why I want to write. Writing is as much about practice, as much it is about inspiration. And the ultimate goal is to write something that remains with you even when you have flipped the page.

I may not be what you want to read yet, but someday I will, hopefully.

Until then, I invite you to this journey of discovering and re-discovering why and what I want to write.

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