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An Ode to a Flask

It fit perfectly in all my bags, and I never roamed around thirsty. I stopped looking for mineral water from roadside carts. I also labeled it with “very hot water” (till I realized water and glue don’t go together) so that anybody trying to take a sip has been warned. It was at my bedside when I was down with a fever on a rainy day. A fl ask was gifted to me by a very dear friend called it “Aunty waala gift”. I laughed with her and didn’t realize how quickly we get attached to things that we use daily.

To the friend who bought it for me, I daresay that I probably miss the flask more when I forget it on my desk than I have ever missed her. Most people will tell you that there was no need for the formality when you get them a gift and then thank you. Some will scream at you for wasting money when you do not have a job yet! While some will fidget with your gift and get all happy and squeaky because you got them a gift!

Gifts do not matter when it comes to people who matter. But what do you get them when you want to get them something? Sometimes you just know when you look at something in a store and think of them. And most other times, you’re hacking your brains because your love for your friend has no bounds, but your thinking capacity does.

Everybody loves gifts. Simple, extravagant, a poem, a letter, a painting, food. Whatever fl oats your boat, every token of affection is appreciated. Well, at least by most people who aren’t phoney.

If you ask me, you will never find anything good enough. Yet, somehow magically, they will always need whatever you get them. I never thought I would ever need an eye mask, a hair towel, or a sleek black pen. But I need them all!

I thought I was doing just fi ne without them till their presence crept into my life and became part of my everyday.

I do not know if it is rapidly rushing into your not-so-early 20s that you realize the worth of everyday objects, especially if they were given to you as a gift. Everybody knows that I love all that is fancy, extravagant, and has no space or utility in my life. My Amazon cart laughs at my wallet because there is nothing in there that I can afford or need! But that one hoodie a friend bought for me becomes my refuge in the coldest of winters. The body wash that apparently smells like sweet peas is the one that I scrub myself with on special occasions (*winks*). And every time my throat feels slightly itchy, I sleep with my favourite flask with steaming hot water and think to myself that I am loved in so many ways.
There is so much to be thankful for.

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